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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Never Too Old

I want to introduce this new page to my web site with a story. After all, I am a writer, so that should not surprise you!

When I was a child, I enjoyed many visits to my great aunt and uncle on their Connecticut farm. It was an idyllic place for a kid complete with cows, a couple of dogs, a garden full of sweet corn and other wholesome veggies, a strawberry patch, and lots of open fields for running.

Over the years, time took its toll on my aunt and uncle and they could no longer handle the farm, so they sold it, retaining a few acres of property where they built a brand new home. They had been in their modern home a mere five days when my uncle was struck with a cerebral hemorrhage that left him totally deaf and partially paralyzed.

It was at that time in his life, when he had reached at least his seventies, that my other great uncle introduced him to power tools. My uncle had never so much as held a power tool in his hand prior to then. Yet,  he acquired enough skill to craft furniture of such fine quality that customers traveled from all over New England  to buy it.

He was old. He was handicapped. He lacked knowledge Yet, with a desire to learn and determination to persevere, he became a master at a brand new craft.

So, if you're over 50 and you think you would like to write - don't let your last birthday stop you!

Here you will find success stories, struggles, and triumphs of writers who have reached the big 5-0 and are just getting started!
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